It will take care of your backyard plants even if you are abroad without your intervention


Use IOS, Android smartphone or web page to monitor the watering system’s autonomous activity


The system accumulates knowledge and experience of leading agriculture scientists and professional gardeners


Reduce water bills while keeping your garden sustainable and your plants healthy


What do i need in order to install Exilong at my home?

Exilong connects to the existing infrastructure in your house.

You will need:

A. Two to four 24 volt AC powered electronic water vales that are connected to the irrigation pipes in your backyard.

B. WIFI in area that you plan to install the Exilong Valve Switch.

What is so unique about our solution?

Exilong is the first of its kind autonomous 3D irrigation system for home usage.

Our system has gone through many iterations till it reached its maturity and successfully proved its value in professional agriculture utilization.

Our system has already saved thousands of cubes of water and chemical fertilizer.

Now we are ready to provide all of our accumulated experience and deliver it to your doorstep.


Our Achievements

During the last 3 years, we’ve conducted many different kinds of tests with both private farm owners and professional leading scientists from the Israeli ministry of agriculture. In most of the tests, we reduced more than 30% of the water and fertilizers used. All this while keeping the same yield, or in many cases, even expanding the yield.

One unique test showed an exciting achievement – our system AUTONOMOUSLY saved 75% of water and fertilizers, while increasing the yield by 7%.

The Problem:

Our assumption that we know when and how much plants should be irrigated doesn’t fit the actual plants water needs. We base our watering behavior on our assumption and as a result plants can be over irrigated or under irrigated.
Both scenarios are ruining the plants and inflating our water bills.

Under Watering


Over Watering

How does it work?

The process is as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE


1 . The “Exi-Sence” sensor is buried in the ground near to one of the yards plants and constantly measuring the water pressure in the root system. Over the time, this measurement is converted to digital data. Using this data our system can recognize water consumption of the plant.


The “Exi-Sence” sensors wireless transmit the data to the central valve switch using proprietary protocol.

The central valve switcher aggregates all this data and sends it to the Exilong cloud server using a home WIFI infrastructure.


3 . The cloud server uses our unique algorithm to calculate the water pressure in various plants, then it AUTONOMOUSLY decides which electronic water valve to open in order to balance the water pressure levels for the roots in each section of the yard according to its depth and individual water consumption. 

Once this decision is made, its command decreases or increases the water supply is sent back to the central valve switch for execution. The irrigation adjustments are carried out until the water pressure is back to its prime level.

Our unique mathematical algorithm is used to calculate the depth of irrigation, which is crucial in order to know when to stop it, thus achieving maximum plants’ health.

How it is configured and controlled?

Easily – using one of three methods:


Use an Android smartphone to monitor the Exilong watering system autonomous operation


Use an Apple smartphone to monitor the Exilong watering system autonomous operation


Use our website to monitor the Exilong watering system autonomous operation from your computer or tablet

Valve Swicher technical characteristics

Power consumption

24v (external power supply)

Maximum current – 100mA

Communication Protocols

To “Exi-Sense” sensors – Proprietary protocol

To cloud based server through home gateway (wireless router) – WIFI

Communication Frequency

To  “Exi-Sense” sensors – every minute

With cloud based server through home gateway (wireless router) – 15min (depends on state)


Exi-Sense technical characteristics

Wireless Connectivity

Proprietary communication protocol

Transition Frequency

434 / 915 Mhz

Every minute 

Communication Frequency

To  “Exi-Sense” sensors – every minute

With cloud based server through home gateway (wireless router) – 15min (depends on state)


2 AA Batteries

Have any questions? Want to join our community?

Our team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Please send us your request and we promise to get back to you ASAP

Number of irrigation lines in your backyard: